Zero Waste Vegan Supper Club

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Seasonal salad using sustainable produce and British grains by Sophie Gordon

Second Home members Plant Based News joined forces with the charity Veganuary to host a special and unique ‘zero waste vegan supper club’ with seasonal and sustainable plant based chef Sophie Gordon.

Chef Sophie Gordon

Acoustic music, candlelight and the Spitalfields Second Home setting, provided the backdrop for the evening’s occasion. Guests were welcomed with vibrant kombucha cocktails supplied on tap by FIX8, and a spread of fresh sourdough, alongside a selection of dips made by Sophie. Vegan cheeses, including the moreish ‘chilli cheese’, brought the first smorgasbord together, all sourced from London based company Kinda Co.

Fix 8 Kombucha Flavours

Vegan cheese selection provided by Kind Co.

Sophie’s dishes came out together for a family style dinner, all celebrating seasonal produce and British grains. Oddbox supplied all the fruit and vegetables,  combating food waste by selling ‘wonky’ produce often dismissed by the supermarket.

Ribboned carrots, sliced brussels sprouts and sweet root vegetables were tumbled together with a delectable dressing alongside a variety of nuts and grains. Beetroot took centre stage, in a fragrant and piping hot dish, comforting in its earthiness. Sweet and savoury parsnips, crisp chicory and slow cooked lentil dishes were also stars amongst the feast.

Dishes by Sophie Gordon

Dessert was a beautifully light dairy-free ice cream, topped with toasted cashews and drizzled with a caramel sauce to finish.  Most importantly, and essentially for a zero waste promise, diners packed up their tupperware tubs with flavoursome leftovers to take home. To find out more about vegan, sustainable and zero waste living, check out Plant Based News, Veganuary and Sophie Gordon

Vegan Ice Cream Dessert

Supper club at Second Home