This is why we… curate the bookshelves in Libreria by theme

At Libreria we’ve always sought to challenge convention in order to try and reimagine what a bookshop can be. Our shelf curation reflects this ambition, in fact it serves as fundamental to it. Therefore, thematically arranging the shelves enhances the potential for discovery; given that you have fiction beside non-fiction. Angela Carter, say, beside a biographical study of Joan of Arc, or Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract beside Richard Rogers’ A Place for All People–it’s these little creative collisions and the cross-pollination of ideas which we want visitors to explore and engage with.
With this in mind, we’ve also invited some of our guest speakers to curate a shelf selection of their favourite books, so you also get to discover what someone like lawyer Philippe Sands reads, mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, or former director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti.