Our members Sheffield Doc Fest led an intimate workshop at our home in Spitalfields to share their top tips on making a successful documentary and this is what we learnt…

  • A documentary that’s financially viable is one that already has an audience – if you are focusing on a local story it’s important to link it to the wider global context
  • Tap into other networks when making a documentary to access a larger audience e.g. if you are making a film about indie music you could work with an independent record label
  • Give some examples of comparison films to show there’s already a successful market when pitching for funding
  • Try and get a ‘name’ on board with the project (e.g. a well known exec producer or production company) – buyers will see this as security
  • What you spend on the film has NO correlation to what it’s worth in the market
  • Be openminded & flexible about who your film is for

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