Rose Cartwright: Pure

Rose Cartwright’s compelling and much talked-about memoir, Pure, is having something of a moment. It centres on ‘Pure O’, a little known form of OCD, often manifesting as sexual or violent intrusive, unwanted and inappropriate thoughts. Picked up by Channel 4, Pure has been turned into a six part series that’s recently just been aired.

To celebrate, Cartwright is hosting an evening of discussion and screenings about the subject closest to her heart: mental health. With special guests including Sir Jonny Benjamin, activist and model Jada Sezer and journalist and broadcaster Bryony Gordon, the evening will explore our current mental health crisis and what can be done about it. Find out more, and sign up for the event here.

Brought to you by the Made of Millions Foundation – a global mental health nonprofit Rose co-founded, and OCD Action, the UK’s leading OCD charity.