Our mission to conquer the Twatts


3 Second Home team members, 2 Twatts and one really good cause. Yes, Second Home is attempting to conquer the Twatts – that’s two towns on the edge of the UK  – one on the archipelago of Orkney and the next on the archipelago of Shetland.

So what’s the big deal? Robin, Magnus & Sergio must hitchhike the whole way from our site in Spitalfields. Of course it’s all for a good cause and the boys are hoping to raise £500 for the Campaign Against Living Miserably – a leading a movement against male suicide.

Ahead of the challenge we caught up with Robin, Magnus & Sergio to see how they were feeling about the mission…

What’s your game plan?

We’re hoping someone will pull up on Hanbury Street and will say ‘Hey boys, we’re driving to the Twatts’ and 7 and a half hours later we’ll be there and meet the mayor. But I suppose if that doesn’t happen we’ll have to hitchhike the old fashioned way and write ‘TWATTS’ on a huge board and stand by the side of the road, or maybe walk a bit to get out of central London…

What happens if you don’t get there? 

We’re the TWATTS, either way we conquer the Twatts or they conquer us. And most importantly we’re raising money for charity. 

What do you think the hardest part will be?

Actually getting someone to give 3 dudes a ride who are holding a sign saying ‘TWATT’. 

What do you think the easiest part will be?

Laughing about it now… 

How long do you reckon it’ll take you?

We’ve put aside 4 and a half days, but we hope it’ll just take 2 – the thing that might slow us down is getting to the actual islands as we’ll have to take ferries.

It’s a HUGE challenge for three guys who’ve never hitchhiked before, but we believe in them and think it’s an amazing cause, so if you want to find out more about their mission to Conquer the Twatts and donate to the Campaign Against Living Miserably have a look at their JustGiving page.

And PLEASE pray with us that they don’t get kidnapped – Second Home just wouldn’t be the same without them…