Liv Little: inclusion is easy to talk about


“Inclusion is easy to talk about” says Liv Little, founder and editor of gal-dem. We asked her a few questions in the run up to International Women’s Day. 

What are your thoughts on female empowerment? Are we having a movement at the moment?

We don’t really associate with female empowerment, but try to draw a line in the sand between gender and sex and make sure we’re being inclusive in the language. There’s been a movement to more inclusivity across all identity sections, but the hard work is in making sure it’s not a passing fad and to make sure inclusion is actually happening.

Mariel No and Liv Little from gal-dem

How do we stop “inclusion” being trendy and make sure it’s not just a movement, but something that’s here to stay?

All the responsibility doesn’t and shouldn’t lie on us to fix those problems, there’s a lot of gatekeepers who have a lot of work they need to do. There’s a problem asking those of us who are marginalised how to sort out the marginalisation, because there’s enough research and information out there. There’s enough powerful people to put in steps and take action.

Everyone can be making a change. Everything from employers, politically, all across the board, there are very clear things we can do, such as simply hiring better, and hiring in a more open way. There are so many things people know they can do, but just they repeatedly ask what they should do. Inclusion is really easy to talk about, but nothing really happens.

gal-dem have a book coming out in June.

It’s a collection of responses to diary entries, catered to young adults. Different writers and editors from the team, responding to very time specific points in their life. There’s a piece on this boyfriend box that one of the girl’s used to keep, and her responding to that. There’s a ‘love letter to my younger self’, and knowing that it’s alright to be black in the variety of contexts. I wrote a piece on first falling in love with a woman, and how that’s not something to be ashamed of. It has a lot of funny stuff and emotional stuff, a lot of different things in there.

What have you been reading at the moment?

I’ve read every single one of Roxane Gay’s books, Queenie by Candice Carter-Williams is amazing (coming out in April) and Mother Country: Real Stories of the Windrush Children by Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff.


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