Libreria Language Labs x TimePeace App


Our weekly Language Labs focus on providing skills to the local Tower Hamlets migrant community out of our bookshop, Libreria.

We’ve recently hooked up with TimePeace App to host workshops. TimePeace is a skills sharing app for refugees and asylum seekers, connecting newcomers and locals to meet and share skills for free. So far we’ve hosted two workshops with TimePeace  and have more in the pipeline.

Our first TimePeace workshop was a collaboration with Juta Shoes. Juta Shoes’ business model, like TimePeace’s, focuses on providing local, income-deprived individuals with skills to gain employment and confidence.

Juta’s handmade products are made from reclaimed leather and the brand only use environmentally friendly materials like their espadrilles’ Spanish jute soles. In our workshop, the attendees were taught how to make a wallet from reclaimed leather donated by Ozone Coffee.

The second Language Lab x TimePeace workshop was led by artist Gail Sagman. The afternoon activities consisted of creating colourful artwork with different coloured powder paint pigments on reclaimed fabrics.

Read more about Libreria Language Labs here or if you want to find out how to get involved, please email