Grace Campbell: books on female sexuality, desires and pleasure

Sex Drive, Stephanie Theobald

Sexual exploration and female desire are the focus in Grace Campbell’s selection of books for Libreria. As a comedian, actress and Co-Founder of Pink Protest, Campbell’s not one to shy away from vocal activism. As leaders of the #GIRLSWANKTOO movement, The Pink Protest have set out to demystify taboos and dispel social stigmas. Here, Campbell picks out her favourite books and explains why she chose them.

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The Proof Of The Honey, Salwa Al Neimi

This novel, which presents itself as a collection of personal essays, is an incredible exploration of sexuality, desires, and pleasure, from the perspective of someone who is from a culture which has historically shunned female pleasure. There is a lot in this book that we can relate to when it comes to pleasure and sex.

Sex Drive, Stephanie Theobald

This book reads like a novel, but it isn’t. It is the true story of journalist Stephanie Theobald, who, at the beginning leaves her long term partner in the U to go on a road trip across America in search for her Sex Drive. It is a truly wonderful account of a woman’s relationship with pleasure, plus an amazing historical account of who the key players have been in the feminist masturbation movement.

What A Time To Be Alone, Chidera Eggurue

If you’re under 30 and on instagram, Chidera AKA the Slumflower, needs no introduction. What a Time To Be Alone is her first book. The Slumflower writes in a way that makes you feel like she’s your best friend and your older sister, she’ll leave you feeling excited and confident about the prospect of being alone.

The Female Persuasion, Meg Wolitzer

This novel tells a story of a woman whose purpose changes when she meets an older woman who takes her on an exciting path of feminism. It is witty and nuanced, and leaves us questioning what the current state of feminism really is.

Fruit of Knowledge, Liv Stromquist

This book would at some points be uncomfortable to read if it wasn’t written with such hilarious cartoons. Liv Stromquist calls out how, forever, genitalia-obsessed men have stigmatised and controlled women’s bodies, sexuality, and gender roles. You will learn so much, and you will laugh out loud at the commentary Stromquist provides.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies), Scarlett Curtis

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink is an anthology of 52 essays by 52 women on what feminism means to them. From Jameela Jamil, to Gemma Arterton, to Charlie Craggs, to Bridget Jones HERSELF. This book will make you see and relate to feminism in 52 different ways. Also, there is an essay by me, Grace Campbell, on wanking.

My Thoughts Exactly, Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s memoir is an incredible read. Lily’s completely honest about her life so far, and one of the most interesting parts was her relationship with pleasure and orgasm. Lily didn’t orgasm until later in her life, because she’d never explored solo-sex.

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